There are the following types of treatment for the disease

Cleansing Therapy
The motive of cleansing treatment is to abolish the underlying causes of physical or physio-mental illnesses that have developed in the patient. It includes the process of internal and external cleansing of the body. Mainly it is the Panchakrama, Purva Panchakarma process.

Panchkarma treatment focuses on administering the action of metabolism. It gives the numerouseffect of purification and is also profitable in other ways. This treatment is especially helpful in naturally occurring disorders, musculoskeletal disorders, cardiovascular , respiratory , metabolic, degenerative disorders and other diseases..

Table of Contents

Sedation therapy

Sedation therapy mitigate weak defects. The process by which an irregular defect becomes normal without unbalancing the other one is called mitigation therapy. This treatment can be accomplished by using appetite suppressants, digestive substances, exercise and get the heat of the sun and fresh air. At some times painkillers are also used.

Dietary system (diet and activity guidelines)

The diet is genrally made up of specific signs or contraindicate to diet, activity, habits and mental state. This is to make the treatment more efficient and to head off the disease from spreading. In order to arouse the gastrointestinal tract in the body and improve the digestion system,special prominence is done on what to eat, so that the muscles of the body can be empowered.



Diagnostic mutations

Diagnostic mutation is to keep away pathogenic and disease-promoting factors in the patient’s diet and dailylife. This diagnosis explains what process should be done to avoid disease-causing factors. Satvavajaya (Psychotherapy) is usually a matter related to mental discomfort. These consist of keeping the brain away from the desire for certain diseases (or pathogenic) substances and on the other hand prepare courage, memory and concentration.

The study of psychology and psychiatry in Ayurveda is very greatly woven and commonly used in the treatment of mental disorders.

Chemotherapy (immunosuppressive and rejuvenating drugs)

Chemotherapy is a process of assemblage of energy and tonic. There are many positive advantage in chemotherapy.

As physical inward balance is maintained, memory is boosted, intelligence is sharpened, willpower  towards disease is increased, energy is transmitted. Prevents premature muscle formation and dismantling and promotes overall growth.

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